Stand And Deliver

The office chair is dead! For a long time, I’ve only “worked” in the traditional sense, for a few hours a day. Those hours were in the mornings, as I prepared to trade, and then traded. I was usually done by lunchtime. When trading at home, I have a room set aside, I guess you’d call it a home office or a study. Nothing special, a desk and a chair, the classic setup.

Now though, I’m trading more hours, and that means more time sat in the study. Or it did. But no more, because the chair is gone. I am now working, and trading standing up. I am standing as I type this very post. Why? Well it’s mostly to do with 3PM.

After eating a meal, the body puts a lot of energy into digesting the food it’s just taken on board. That’s why in the early afternoon, you often feel tired. For me, 3pm has always been a roadblock. I feel my eyes getting heavy, and the need for sleep. Previously, this hasn’t been a problem. The freedom of my schedule meant I simply took a “power nap” – in other words – I let myself doze off for ten or fifteen minutes.

Clearly though, this state of affairs is not ideal when trading. I can’t be napping in mid-trade! So after reading how any other people have made the switch to standing desks, I’ve done the same. And it’s been a revelation. 3pm now whizzes past entirely unnoticed. My time spent in front of the computer has become more productive.

Whereas previously I tended to answer emails from customers from the comfort of an armchair, I’m doing those standing as well. My thoughts are clearer, I have more energy, and my mind wanders less.

The first week was not easy, I’ll admit. I walk a lot, but even so, standing still for many hours uses the muscles in the legs in ways they’re not really used to. Shifting the weight from foot to foot helps, and moving around does to. But those first days were still hard.

This second week has been better. And I’m sure it will get easier from here. I’m finding already I’m sleeping better, and I feel more energised when I walk away from the computer.

My wife thinks I’m mad of course. But as I pointed out, people who work sitting down are pretty much a minority. The body isn’t made to be sat down for hours on end. Moving around helps circulation, digestion, burns calories, and keeps you awake and focussed. What’s not to like?

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