New Book Out

How To Day Trade Stocks For ProfitI’ve just relaunched my day trading course on Amazon’s Kindle.

There has been a version of Day Trading Freedom published through Amazon for a couple of years (which I’ve since removed from their store), but it had never been designed with that platform in mind, so it didn’t flow well. This new version has been completely reformatted to work better on the Kindle’s screen.

The Kindle is a great gadget. And now that there are free software versions available for the iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and I think even Android, it really makes it possible to buy a book once and read it on any kind of device.

This new version of the book is a bit of an experiment. It has a new title, How To Day Trade Stocks For Profit, a new cover, and a new price. Right now it’s a gigantic bargain at just $9.97 (the price may be slightly more outside the US as they add local VAT or sales taxes according to where you live). That is most likely to rise very soon!

For the low price, you get all the essential written elements of my Day Trading Freedom course – the two manuals and the two exercise books, fully illustrated, all rolled into a single large volume.

What you don’t get are the videos, bonus books, and access to me to ask questions. Even so, it’s a massive bargain I think.

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