Loving My iPad

I had to write a short post to say how much I am loving my iPad. It has completely replaced my laptop for all non-trading stuff. It’s the first computer I pick up in the morning – I can whip through emails from customers and friends alike, sending off replies with ease.

During the day, it’s never far from my side. It’s used to check the news, see what’s on TV, and to watch the odd film every now and then. It has become my radio, and has also replaced my ipod when in the house. I can manage my bank and trading accounts from the amazing browser. The Pulse application makes it a joy to scan through all sorts of websites I used to visit individually.

In the evening, I find myself reading books and magazines on it. And then it’s also perfect for showing holiday snaps to friends. I’m not  a great fan of games, but I do like a round of pinball every now and then, and Flight Control has me addicted.

But by fat the best aspects about this thing are that it switches on instantly, and I never had to think about charging it, it never seems to run out. It gets used all weekend on a single charge, and then gets charged up on the main computer on Monday morning.

When I use my iPad, I feel like I’ve been transported into the future!

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